Pop Politics Endorses Curtis Sliwa For Mayor of New York

For the record, I like Eric Adams. I think that, if he’s elected mayor of New York City, there’s a good possibility that he’ll prove to be worthy of the job. He has already done both America and the Democratic Party a huge favor by showing that voters want to hold the police accountable but, at the same time, they don’t want to defund or abolish them. By finishing ahead of Maya Wiley in the Democratic Party, both Adams and Kathryn Garcia showed that there is room for sanity in the Democratic Party. Though I’m not a Democrat, I do realize that there are going to be times that the Democrats are going to be in charge. I would prefer the party be led by people who realize that there’s more to setting policy than getting retweets on Twitter.

That said, Pop Politics still endorses Curtis Sliwa for mayor of New York, just on the general principle that it would be interesting to see what Sliwa would do with the office. As mayor, would he continue to wear the red beret? Probably.

Sliwa is a uniquely New York character. His love for the city is obvious and he’s proven to be a stronger campaigner than I think anyone expected him to be. It’s true that he won the Republican primary be default. (He was the only well-known candidate running.) It’s also true that, if elected, he would have New York’s entire political establishment against him. But so what? Sliwa has proven himself to be someone who is willing to take his case straight to the people. And who better to stand up to the epidemic of crime than the original Guardian Angel?

If New York truly wants to shake things up and fully escape the legacy of Bill de Blasio, voting for Curtis Sliwa is the way to go. And while I have to be honest about Sliwa’s chances of becoming mayor of as blue a city as New York, I personally would love to someday see Curtis Sliwa in the U.S. House, wearing his beret and ignoring the Speaker.

New York City is lucky this year. They’ve got two good candidates to choose from. Regardless of who wins, at least it won’t be de Blasio.

Vote Yes On The Recall and Larry Elder

The last time this blog endorsed someone in an election, it was Andrew Yang for New York City mayor.

We all remember how well that went.

It’s enough to make me consider that maybe I shouldn’t endorse anyone or, at the very least, I should avoid endorsing people running in elections in which I’m not even eligible to vote.

Then again, what fun is that?

The California recall election is a week away. Pop Politics endorses voting yes to recall Gavin Newsom, a politician who represents everything that people hate about the professional political class. If you want to know how you ended up with people voting for someone like Trump, it’s because people got tired of politicians like Gavin Newsom. Recall Newsom now so we don’t have to suffer through a Newsom presidential campaign in 2028 or 2032.

After voting to recall Gavin, vote to replace him with Larry Elder. I can’t really say that Larry would be a great governor. But the media freak-out following his election would be fun to watch.

Pop Politics Endorses Andrew Yang For Mayor of New York City

What the Hell? Why not?

It’s not as if a Republican has a chance of winning the election and Andrew Yang would at least be a more interesting mayor than any of the usual party hacks. After 8 years of De Blasio, New York City at least deserves a mayor who has never murdered a groundhog.

Yang for Mayor!