Clutching Pearls

The amount of pearl-clutching over the Let’s Go Brandon chant is hilarious.  Has it occurred to any of the people currently panicking over its popularity that every time they demand that people not say it, it’s just going to make people want to say it more?  Even more importantly, you can’t spend years running fawning profiles of anyone who has says negative about one President and then act like an outraged virtue signaler when the other side does the same thing to your President.

But they’ll continue to make a big deal about it and try to cast it as something sinister because to do otherwise would mean admitting that a lot of people don’t like Joe Biden right now.

The Dirty Tricks Squad

On Friday, five people carrying tiki torches showed up at Glenn Yougkin event and yelled that they were “for Glenn.” Their outfits and their torches made it appear that they were Neo-Nazi followers of Richard Spencer. A picture of them was tweeted by a Democratic strategist and then retweeted by several members of the media.

Almost immediately, one of the torch bearers was identified as being a low-level staffer with the Virginia Democratic Party. The other members were subsequently also identified as being Democratic activists.

As the story fell apart, the usual suspects at the Lincoln Project stepped forward to take credit for the hoax, saying that they were trying to remind people of who they claim is supporting Youngkin. Many of the same people who earlier retweeted the story condemned the Lincoln Project, as they should have. TheMcAuliffe campaign did as well, though I find it hard to believe that they had nothing to do with it. This is exactly the type of thing that McAuliffe used to brag about doing back when he was a Bill Clinton campaign counsultant.

The Lincoln Project is doing what they usually do, claiming that their latest disaster is a success and using it to raise money online. The Lincoln Project is perhaps the sleaziest and least effective group of political operatives out there but they know how to con people who are angry about politics but too ignorant to realize that the Lincoln Project’s commercials and events have never changed a single vote.

For now, I appreciate the many Democrats who have sincerely condemned The Lincoln Project. I think both parties will be better off when those old phonies either retire or throw their lot in with the Forward Party.

Biggest Surprise Of The Season

The biggest surprise of the season is that Herschel Walker is running a disciplined and professional campaign for the Senate in Georgia.  I was one of those people who was dreading his entry into the race but so far, Walker’s handled himself well.

Of course, the real test will come after the primaries.  But for now, Walker’s acquitting himself well on the campaign trail.

Don’t Blame Princess Blanding

I never thought Glenn Youngkin had a chance against Terry McAuliffe but it looks like I may have been wrong.  The polling indicates that the election will at least be close and, considering how blue Virginia has been lately, that should concern Democrats.  If McAuliffe does lose by a 1-3%, how long until the Democrats blame Princess Blanding?

From what I’ve seen, McAuliffe’s campaign has been characterized by an amazing amount of hubris.  It seems like someone took this election for granted and now, they’re paying the price.

Don’t Read Too Much Into Anthony Brown’s Decision

I saw a flurry of excitement on twitter over Anthony Brown announced that he wouldn’t be running again and all I can say is that people have lost their minds if they’re reading anything into it other than Brown still hoping to get another shot at becoming Maryland’s governor.  He was favored back in 2014 but he lost to Larry Hogan so he ran for Congress instead.  Now, he’s looking to spend a few years as Attorney General before making another run for the top spot.  Serving as Attorney General is a much higher profile and more powerful job than serving in Congress.  The last Maryland governor to get elected directly from Congress was Bob Ehrlich and he only won because he was running against one of the worst politicians in the state’s history, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend.

(Along with being RFK’s daughter, Townsend was best known for watching the Super Bowl and telling reporters that she liked it when “the Ravens scored the football.”)

Brown’s district isn’t going to replace him with anyone but another Democrat.  Even with him not running again, it’s not going to change the balance of power in the house.