Today’s Prompt

I have heard mixed reactions to WordPress’s daily prompts, which is one way of saying that I like them but my partner doesn’t.  Let’s take a look at today’s prompt.

If you had a freeway billboard, what would it say?

I have no idea.  That is actually what my freeway billboard would say.  There’s no shame in admitting that you don’t know everything.

What Technology Would I Better Off Without? And why?

WordPress has been kind enough to provide me with a prompt for today’s post.  What technology would you be better off without and why?

That’s a deceptively simple question.  For all the time that we spend decrying all of the recent technological changes and advancements, many of them have been for the good.  Even most of the ones that seem terrible still have their good points.  iPhones may be turning people into walled-off zombies with no social skills but they also mean that help is almost always right at your fingertips.  On Monday, I went down to the local convenience store to grab a carton of Cokes and I was shocked to discover that there was still a payphone sitting outside of it.  I’m old enough when I can remember the days when, if you found yourself in a sudden emergency while you were outside, you would have to not only track down a payphone but also hope that you had enough coins with you to operate it.  Now, everyone has a phone in their pocket or their bag.  It’s not always a good thing but it’s not always a bad thing either.

Weapons of mass destruction seem like an easy pick when it comes to something we could do without but, in many cases, those weapons are the only thing that are keeping the world from descending into complete chaos.  It’s a cliché but the idea that we need the weapons so that we’ll never have to use them is a true one.

Actually, now that I think about it, the answer isn’t that complicated.  I would do away with robocalls.  I think everyone can agree with that.  Keep the phones.  Keep the nuclear weapons.  Do away with the robocalls.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Lisa and I have got several bowls of candy ready to go.  We didn’t get many trick-or-treaters last year, which I think disappointed Lisa more than it did me. Hopefully, this year, with COVID hysteria dying down, pleasant weather in the forecast, and all of the new families that have moved into the neighborhood, we’ll get more.

And if we don’t, that means more candy for us.

Greetings To Those Above

Today, we got a new porch light.  The one we had was dim and old and made the house look like it might be haunted so we bought a new one and this morning, a man came out and installed it.  It took less than 30 minutes to install and we couldn’t be happier with the aesthetic design of it.  It makes the front of the house look much more impressive and cared for.  The new porch light is sleek and modern.

And incredibly bright.

I just flipped on the light a few minutes ago and the light is not only illuminating our front yard but it’s also illuminating the front yards of the houses on either side of us.  Fortunately, one of those houses is empty and the other is owned by someone who I don’t think has ever turned off a single light, regardless of the time of day.  Hopefully, no one will complain.

When I first turned on the light and saw how bright it was, I was reminded of that commercial where someone’s Christmas lights are so bright that they can be seen from the International Space Station.  To my friends in the night sky, greetings and keep up the good work!

Welcome Back, Tom Brady!

And welcome back me, as well.

It’s been so long since I last updated that Tom Brady not only retired but he unretired.  Stephen Breyer retired and apparently, is going to stay retired.  The Texas primaries were a few weeks ago and Democrats are again stuck with Beto.  Gas prices are going up.  Inflation is making life difficult.  Mask are coming down.  Boris Johnson is acting like Boris and Joe Biden is acting like he’s not sure which is way is up.  Putin is attempting to conquer Ukraine and has revealed the Russia’s supposed military might was just a mirage.  The world has once again discovered the fear of nuclear war but it has also found a new hero in Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

A lot happens when you don’t blog for a month and a half.

Like Tom Brady, I’m back now.  But will I go on to win one last Super Bowl before finally heading off into my well-earned, actual retirement?  I guess time will tell.