They’re Coming

A mysterious interstellar object is approaching our solar system.

On the basis of my many years of studying pop culture, I can say without fear of contradiction that this means that either Superman or Klaatu is coming to visit us.

We’re either going to get a lecture…

…or a hero.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that it’s just Crypto, returning to destroy all humans.

Either way, let’s be on our best behavior when they arrive.  We don’t want Earth to get a bad reputation.

Is Cannibalism The Answer?

From the New York Post:

Scientist suggests eating human flesh to fight climate change

In the scientist’s defense, he also suggested eating insects and … pets.  I think it would actually be less traumatic to eat a human being that I didn’t know very well than it would be to eat a pet.

According to the article, the scientist said that cannibalism could save the human race but only if society “awakens to the idea.”

The article also says that cannibalism has been linked to a deadly disease called Kuru, which is also known as Laughing Death.  Dying of Laughing Death sounds even worse than dying of climate change but maybe it just has a bad name.

Does this mean a posthumous pardon for Alferd Packer?  It sounds like he was ahead of the curve.