The Initial Midterm Lessons For The GOP

It’s time to stop letting Trump pick our candidates.  Voters may not be in love with the Democrats but that doesn’t mean that they’ve changed their opinion on Trump.

This is not the night I was hoping for but that’s politics.  Polls show that voters are not happy with Biden but, at the same time, it’s obvious from tonight that they’re not ready to embrace Trumpian candidates with a history of election denialism.

Another lesson, and this is one that I am going to hold myself to: Don’t allow yourself to get trapped in a bubble when it comes to following politics.  The GOP is probably going to win the House.  They might win the Senate.  I would probably be happy with these results if I hadn’t spent months only hearing news about how this was going to be a wave election.

DeSantis is the big winner tonight.

Tomorrow is Lisa’s birthday.  We’re heading to Lake Texoma on Thursday.  I’m taking a break from politics and focusing on what’s important.

For once, Trump Waited

I wonder how many people are breathing a sigh of relief that Trump didn’t announce that he was running for President at Monday’s rally.  The rumor was that he was going to and you could literally hear Republicans across the country thinking, “Please don’t do this before the midterms.”  Right now, the GOP appears to have a winning message for voters who are concerned about crime and the economy.  The last thing anyone wanted was to have spend Election Day answering questions about Trump.

Fortunately, it turned out that Trump’s big announcement was that he’ll have a big announcement on November 15th.