Is Anyone Actually Surprised

that Matt Gaetz would get caught going something sleazy?

Even the most pro-Trump figures of the Republican Party have, in the past, been hesitant about associating themselves with Matt Gaetz. Considering that these are many of the same people who believe that the presidential election was stolen from Trump, that should tell you just how lowly regarded Matt Gaetz is.

Before the allegations came out in the New York Times, Gaetz just happened to mention that he was thinking of resigning his seat so he could get a job as a commentator with Newsmax. Gaetz apparently thought this would keep everyone from assuming that he was retiring because he was being investigated for a federal crime. Matt Gaetz is not only sleazy but stupid.

I have my doubts that Gaetz will actually retire, though. He enjoy playing the martyr and the victim. It’s seem more likely he’ll end up being expelled from the House, Jim Traficant-style.

Gaetz’s district, by the way, is so red that it even elected Matt Gaetz three times. So, don’t believe the hype when the media starts telling you that it might flip blue during a special election.

Pop Politics Endorses Andrew Yang For Mayor of New York City

What the Hell? Why not?

It’s not as if a Republican has a chance of winning the election and Andrew Yang would at least be a more interesting mayor than any of the usual party hacks. After 8 years of De Blasio, New York City at least deserves a mayor who has never murdered a groundhog.

Yang for Mayor!

My WordPress Updated

A few days ago, without any advanced warning, my WordPresss account updated. I can now no longer access the “classic editor” that I learned with. Instead, I now have to use block editor.

I’m not a fan but I think I’m getting the hang of it. It’s just a big change from what I’m used to. I’m having to relearn how to do a lot of things — like scheduling posts — that I used to take for granted.

I’m not sure why WordPress made the change. The old editor was working fine. I liked it. I know that I’ll eventually be comfortable with this new editor but right now, it’s something that I’m still getting used to.

Sometimes, I think that things are changed just for the sake of changing them.

We’re All On A Boat In The Suez Canal

I don’t know there will ever be a picture that better captures how most people are feeling about the world today. We’re all in the Suez Canal right now. We’re either on the boat that’s stuck or we’re on the boats stuck behind it or we’re trying to figure out what to do about it all.

Either way, no one’s going anywhere.

Biden’s Press Conference

Joe come across as old and confused but that’s the way that Joe has always come across. Ever since he won the Democratic nomination last summer, certain people have been acting as if Joe didn’t have a reputation for being pompous, long-winded, and scatterbrained the entire time that he was in the Senate and even when he was serving as vice president.

I think the understandable desire to get Trump out of the White House has led to a lot of people convincing themselves that there’s more to Biden than there actually is.

Israel’s Fourth Election In Two Years

And the result are still inconclusive.

Last night, the news was that Netanyahu had a majority. This morning, the news is that he doesn’t. Either way, it doesn’t sound like any coalition is going to have a strong enough majority to avoid having another election sooner than later.

Can you imagine what would happen in America if we had a four national elections in two years?