Vote Yes On The Recall and Larry Elder

The last time this blog endorsed someone in an election, it was Andrew Yang for New York City mayor.

We all remember how well that went.

It’s enough to make me consider that maybe I shouldn’t endorse anyone or, at the very least, I should avoid endorsing people running in elections in which I’m not even eligible to vote.

Then again, what fun is that?

The California recall election is a week away. Pop Politics endorses voting yes to recall Gavin Newsom, a politician who represents everything that people hate about the professional political class. If you want to know how you ended up with people voting for someone like Trump, it’s because people got tired of politicians like Gavin Newsom. Recall Newsom now so we don’t have to suffer through a Newsom presidential campaign in 2028 or 2032.

After voting to recall Gavin, vote to replace him with Larry Elder. I can’t really say that Larry would be a great governor. But the media freak-out following his election would be fun to watch.

Author: Jedadiah Leland

Film watcher, music lover, pop culture junkie. And you want to be my latex salesman?

10 thoughts on “Vote Yes On The Recall and Larry Elder”

  1. Larry couldn’t be a worse governor! Gavin Newsom is a train wreck… I’ve got friends in CA, and they hate him. It is fun seeing him run scared and bringing in the so-called big guns… Biden, Harris & Pelosi! Come on California, do your thing! Get rid of Newsom the purveyor tyranny !


  2. What a facile and juvenile reason to vote for somebody — he’s no good, but watching the media freak out would be fun. I agree Newsom seems like an insufferable yuppie, but replacing him with a zero-experience clown who gets drunk and waves a gun around at his girlfriend just because a petulant segment of the electorate views public health precautions as “tyranny” is all the proof anyone needs that the authoritarian train wreck that used to be conservatism has some serious growing up to do.


    1. Just wait until I get around to endorsing Curtis Sliwa… Anyway, looks like Newsom’s going to win easily. It’s not 2003, Newsom’s a better politician than Gray Davis, and Larry Elder’s no Arnold Schwarzenegger.


      1. Larry Elder’s not even Larry Elder. He built his career on being some kind of “reasonable” right-wing media personality, and now he’s gone full-on MAGA nutcase. That doesn’t sell in California, and he’s gonna have to hope OAN or Newsmax or one of the other QAnon-promoting TV networks is hiring. Unless he somehow miraculously wins, this is going to prove to be the dumbest move of his career.


      2. Also, I’m begging you to PLEASE endorse Jacob Frey for re-election as mayor of Minneapolis and to endorse “no” on question two, the ballot measure to disband the Minneapolis police department.


      3. He stands a very good chance. The progressive vote is split among two other candidates and he’s got the cops on his side. Last night we got the latest batch of Frey campaign literature dropped off — not by one of his campaign volunteers, but by some guy from the police union. We have ranked-choice ballots now, so the best way to get him out is to rank Nezhad or Knuth first and second, respectively, and rank Frey third, or not rank him at all. Contrary to Trump’s batshit crazy blathering about Frey as being “far-left,” he’s essentially a socially progressive Republican, who is beloved by the big-money real estate developers and is now making a serious play to be law enforcement’s best friend. I’d put his odds of winning at around 50/50, maybe even slightly higher. His opponents have a small faction of his money.


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