Stabenow Retires

I don’t think anyone was expecting Debbie Stabenow to announce that she wouldn’t be running for reelection this week but here we are.

Because Trump won the state in 2016, there’s a misconception that Michigan is more of a swing state than it is.  Michigan is a blue state.  Hillary lost Michigan because of her own hubris and ineptness as a candidate but, as the 2022 midterms showed, winning statewide in Michigan is still going to be an uphill climb for most Republicans.

When Stabenow made her announcement, there was some online chatter about Rashida Tlaib running for the seat.  Tlaib trying to run for higher office and losing the primary is probably the only way that she’s ever going to leave Congress but I haven’t seen any signs that she’s planning on running.  It feels like Elissa Slotkin’s race to lose.

Hopefully, John James will resist the calls to make another statewide run.  He can do a lot more by staying in the U.S. House than by running yet another underdog statewide campaign.