Bucs vs Rams

I just watched the Buccaneers/Rams game. I have to admit that I’m not used to a team with Tom Brady as quarterback losing a playoff game. He came close to forcing the game into overtime, though. Brady struggled for the first three quarters but, in that fourth, he showed why he’s the best of all time.

With the Bucs and the Cowboys out and the Ravens not even making it to the playoffs, I am now without a team. I guess I’ll have to go with the Chiefs as a default but if the Chiefs lost to the Bills, who knows?

Ignore Gene Wu

I nearly replied to this tweet from Houston’s Gene Wu:

Then I remembered that Gene Wu only says stuff like this for attention. His hope is that someone will negatively mention him on Fox and then he can fund raise off of it. Gene Wu is the same idiot who, last year, fled to Washington to avoid voting on an elections bill. While in Washington, he was a part of a mini-COIVD outbreak. For someone who flew to Washington and allowed himself to be photographed without a mask mere days before the people he met with started coming down with COVID, Wu has some nerve to criticize anyone’s health care decisions.

As Wikipedia briefly put it:

Gene Wu says the things that he says for the same reason that all trolls say stuff like that. It’s the only way he can feel important. By this point, he probably realizes that serving in the State House is going to be the extent of his political career. He’s not going to win statewide office in Texas, not as a Democrat or a liberal. And there’s no openings for him in the U.S. House. Wu is stuck in the least important house of the state legislature and, as a Democrat, he doesn’t even have the power to change state laws.

No wonder he’s bitter.

Borrowed Credibility

If Tom Hanks wants to narrate a video celebrating whatever the Hell it is that Joe Biden’s been doing for the last year, that’s fine. He’s still a good actor. I won’t hold it against him. No one else should either.

But, in general, successful presidential administrations don’t need to produce a slick video to convince people that everything’s going great. Most successful presidents don’t have to borrow someone else’s credibility.

Overhyped Chuck

After watching Wednesday’s votes in the Senate, I can only think about how I spent 14 years — basically from the moment I first got interested in politics to the moment that the Republicans lost the two Georgia Senate seats — hearing about how Chuck Schumer was the most brilliant strategist and deal-maker in Washington.

It may be hard to believe but that was once Schumer’s reputation. I think the main reason Schumer had a reputation for brilliance was because he spent years telling anyone who would listen that he was brilliant. That legislative mastery that Schumer supposedly possessed has not been in evidence of the past few months.

The speculation that I keep seeing online is that Chuck is scheduling foolish votes and purposefully getting people’s hopes up about BBB and the filibuster because he’s scared to death of getting challenged by AOC in the Democratic primary. That wouldn’t surprise me but I’d also be surprised if AOC could win a statewide primary. She seems more likely to be a Cynthia Nixon type of candidate who gets a lot of media attention but also turns off anyone who isn’t already in her corner. Schumer, the great strategist, is apparently ruining any chance to pass the Biden agenda because he’s scared of getting challenged in a primary that he would probably win regardless.

That Was Really Something

So, that Joe Biden press conference was, uhm, that was really something wasn’t it? Whether he was giving Russia permission to invade Ukraine, declaring all future elections to illegitimate, or claiming that he was actually doing better than anyone realized, Biden showed himself to pretty much be the jackass that everyone knows him to be.

I just wish someone would tell him to stop it with the whispering.

For those who have been wondering why old Joe’s staff tries to keep him hidden as much as possible, you have your answer.

Looking Ahead

I’ve been thinking about the possibility of Glenn Youngkin as a presidential candidate. When the 2024 election rolls around, he will only have been governor for a year and a half but, since Virginia only allows its governors to serve one term and neither Senators Kaine nor Warner seem vulnerable right now, 2024 might be Youngkin’s best and possibly only chance to either win the Republican nomination or at least set himself up as an early front runner for 2028.

If you need proof of just how worried Democrats are about Youngkin launching a national campaign, just witness how overboard their attacks on him have been, despite the fact that he’s only been governor for a few days.

Myself, I think a DeSantis/Youngkin ticket sounds good.

God Has Abandoned The Patriots

And he’s moved to Tampa Bay!

I’m not even a fan of the Buffalo Bills and even I was happy while watching them destroy the Patriots in their AFC Wildcard game. The final score was 17-47, Bills. This was the type of overwhelming loss that would never have happened in the Brady era.

All eras come to an end and it’s for the best. The Patriots are not a bad team. They still made it to the playoffs, without Brady. But the time has come for new teams to have an opportunity to show off what they can do and I’m all for it.

Congratulations to both the Bills and the Bengals, to underappreciated teams who are moving on to the next round.

It’s About Time

Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby federally indicted on perjury, false mortgage application charges

That Marilyn Mosby was corrupt has been an open Baltimore secret for a while now.

I was amused by Mayor Scott’s official statement regarding the Mosby indictment, which was empty by even Baltimore standards:

“With so much at stake, Mayor (Brandon) Scott will continue to champion transparency and accountability to maintain trust in City Hall and prove that local government can operate in the best interests of Baltimoreans. Mayor Scott will not allow these charges to distract his administration from addressing Baltimore’s most pressing needs and paving a new way for our city. The mayor remains committed to the mission of building safer neighborhoods, creating jobs, and leading Baltimore’s ongoing COVID-19 recovery efforts.”

What does that mean, Brandon?