Vote Conservative, Canada

Canada, in case you missed it, is having an election in 4 days.

No one could blame you if you did miss it. Justin Trudeau called a snap election that no one was expecting. That’s one of the many fun things about living under a Parliamentarian system. You never know when Parliament might dissolve. Sometimes, Parliament is dissolved as the result of a crisis. Sometimes, it’s because a certain number of years have passed. And sometimes, it’s because an overly confident Prime Minister is convinced that their opposition is so weak that they can be wiped out by a sudden election.

That third reason seems to be the case here. Trudeau figured that he would easily defeat the Conservatives and that he would end up with a stronger governing coalition than he had before. That was certainly the logic that Theresa May used when she called a snap election in the UK back in 2017. However, it looks Trudeau may have overestimated his strength, much as May did.

I’m not a Canadian voter and I don’t want to fall into the trap of assuming, as many Americans do, that the Liberal and Conservative Parties are the same as the Republican and the Democrat Parties. They’re not, just as the UK’s Tories tend to be much more to the left than the average Republican in America.

With that in mind, Pop Politics endorses the Conservatives in the upcoming Canadian General Election for the simple reason that Justin Trudeau is incredibly annoying.

Best of luck to everyone running up north.