I Finally Watched Mayweather vs Paul

This morning, I finally watched the Floyd Mayweather/Logan Paul fight on Showtime. YouTuber Logan Paul stepped into the ring with one of the greatest boxers ever and he went the distance, making it through 8 rounds of nothing.

It’s easy to go the distance when your opponent won’t even punch you. That definitely helps. Put me in the ring with Mike Tyson and, as long as Tyson promises not to actually make contact with any of his hits, I should be able to go the distance too. Of course, if Tyson did accidentally make contact, I’d probably die on the spot.

The Mayweather/Paul fight was only an exhibition match so I can’t get too angry about it. It wasn’t a real fight and no one pretended like it was, except maybe for Logan’s idiot brother, Jake. Still, I feel bad for everyone who paid money to watch it. During the final round, Logan Paul spent over 20 seconds with his hands down, just staring at Mayweather. Mayweather could have easily flattened him with one punch. Exhibition or not, I don’t blame anyone who was booing after the final bell rung.

As Howard Cosell might have said, “A sadder display will not be found.”

Thank You, Tom Brady!

Normally, I don’t gamble.  I don’t think it’s a good idea.  I think it leads to compulsive behavior.  I think anyone who says that they have a fool proof system is full of shit.  Making risky bets is a good way to lose not everyone you love but your life as well.  Gambling on a regular basis is not something that I endorse in any way.

However, I did make an exception when it came to the Super Bowl last night and now, thanks to Tom Brady, I’ve got some extra cash!  I’m not going to say how much because the internet is an evil place.  To make clear, I’m not going to be able to retire based on my Super Bowl winnings but, at the same time, it’s still enough that I feel like I owe Tom Brady and all of the Buccaneers a huge debt of gratitude.

(Gratitude, yes.  Money, no.)

It was a total of three bets, all of which paid off.  Two of the bets were on the Buccaneers while the third one was on the total amount of points that would be score during the game.  I bet that under 47.5 points would be scored.  As you can imagine, I spent the entire final 4 minutes of the game dreading the prospect of either a surprise touchdown or even a series of field goals.

Thank you, Tom Brady!  Usually, I would never gamble but Brady is just too much of a sure thing.  Once he retires, I’ll probably never place another bet.

Say Goodbye To The Redskins

The word has come down that the Washington Redskins will be changing their name.  Since I’ve always been a Ravens fan, I don’t really care one way or the other.

The rumor is that the former Redskins were planning on announcing today that their new name would either be the Warriors or the Red Tails but those plans fell apart when it was discovered that both of those names are already copyrighted.

I don’t care much for either name.  Warriors is too generic.  While I understand why some are in favor of Red Tails, it’ll lead to everyone calling the team “the Tails” and does anyone really want that?

My personal choice would be the Washington Swamp Things.

That may just be me, though.

Lockdown Journal: 4-9-20

The latest news out of the UK is that Boris Johnson is out of the ICU and that he’s recovering.  That’s good news, regardless of whether you voted Tory or Labour in the last general election.

Here in the States, there was briefly a flurry of excitement when it was reported that Colin Kaepernick, who has been a free agent since 2017, had been signed by the New York Jets.  It turned out that the story was based on a tweet that was put out by a parody twitter account.  What was interesting was witnessing the number of media figures — the same people who were told we should listen to in times of crisis — who fell for the tweet.  Those of us who have never particularly cared about whether or not Kaepernick was signed to an NFL team have often wondered who Kaepernick’s fans actually were.  Now, we have our answer.  They’re people who work for the cable news channels.

Myself, I never really cared whether or not Colin Kaepernick wanted to take a knee during the national anthem.  It was his right, as an American, to kneel.  At the same time, I also think the NFL had the right not to sign him.  Many people seemed to feel that an NFL team should have been forced to sign him but, even if that was constitutional, it just would have meant Kaepernick would have been spent the past three seasons sitting on the bench instead of appearing in Nike commercials.

Today has been a good day.  It’s been as close to a normal day as anyone could hope for during a pandemic lock-down.  Everything that has happened has really given me a new appreciation for normal days.