2024 Profiles: Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz is a congressman from Florida. He’s the Republican version of Eric Swalwell, an overgrown frat boy who had the family connections necessary to get involved in politics and who has a safe seat. Much like Swalwell, he’s not a particularly effective Congressman but he is a skilled troll. (In fact, he’s better at trolling than Swalwell and Ted Lieu combined.) Much as Swalwell is known for getting drunk and tweeting, Gaetz is rumored to have a nose for using something a little stronger while he’s tweeting. Much as Swalwell is known for screwing a Chinese spy, Gaetz has been accused of trafficking in minors. And, like Eric Swalwell in 2020, Matt Gaetz has been talking about running for president.

Haven’t we suffered enough?

To be honest, though, I doubt Gaetz will run for president. He’s obviously having too much fun pissing off the liberals in Congress and, assuming he doesn’t lose the 2022 primary, he’ll probably have his seat for life. (That Democratic donors are wasting money on Rebekah Jones’s “campaign” to defeat him is a huge joke.) If Trump runs, there’s no way Gaetz gets in. Gaetz will probably always talk about running but, much like Alan Grayson, I doubt he’ll ever take the plunge.

2024 Profiles: Marjorie Taylor Greene

Since I made fun of Adam Kinzinger yesterday, I suppose it’s only right that I make fun of Marjorie Taylor Greene today.

I would be surprised in this Georgia congresswoman ran for President in 2024 but she did visit Iowa last month, which has led to some speculation. Most of that speculation, of course, has come from Democrats who are gleeful about the idea of Marjorie Taylor Greene having the national spotlight during a Republican presidential primary.

And indeed, a Taylor Greene presidential campaign, even if it was just a primary campaign, would be a nightmare for most Republicans. Imagine this, a QAnon candidate who has just enough of a national profile to probably last through the South Carolina primary. Regardless of how she did in the primaries, she would command the majority of the press coverage. How long before she starts talking about Jeffrey Epstein and the space lasers? How long until she says the fire can’t melt steel and that David Hogg is a paid actor? Not very long, I imagine.

(Make no mistake about it, David Hogg is an idiot but he’s not a paid actor.)

Fortunately, there’s a good chance that Taylor Greene won’t win her Congressional primary in 2022. And, if Trump runs in 2024, it’s doubtful Taylor Greene would run against him. That would be like AOC running against Bernie. So, hopefully, we’ll be able to avoid the spectacle of Marjorie Taylor Greene on the debate stage.

(My personal prediction is that Marjorie Taylor Greene will eventually run for President as a candidate for the Constitution Party. Hopefully, the Libertarians will be smart enough to just say no for once.)

2024 Profiles: Adam Kinzinger

This is the first in an occasional series of posts that will look at some of the people who might run for President in 2024.

Adam Kinzinger is a politician from Illinois who served in the U.S. House since 2010 and whose seat is probably going to be destroyed by redistricting in 2022. He’s a Republican but he’s one of those Republicans who spends most of his time talking about how much he hates other Republicans.

That’s one reason while you will occasionally see an article or a report that lists Kinzinger as a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2024. There’s nothing the media loves more than a Republican who hates other Republicans and, during nearly every presidential primary season, there’s always one Republican who gets a lot of media attention for being a “moderate” but who also gets very little support from the people who actually vote in Republican primaries. Jon Huntsman is an obvious example. Way back in 1996, Arlen Specter and Pete Wilson tried to pull it off. And who could forget John Kasich?

Kinzinger’s claim to fame is that he’s a critic of Donald Trump’s. What the media ignores is that there are a lot of Republicans who have been critical of Donald Trump but who haven’t also damned the entire party in their criticism. Kinzinger would be toxic to GOP primary voters and the Democrats would never forgive him for being a Republican in the first place but he obviously loves the media adulation so it’s not impossible to imagine him running.

It’s also not impossible to imagine him hooking up with one of the third party movements that have popped up in the wake of the Trump presidency. SAM (which stands for Saving America) seems to be a popular destination for Republicans that no one cares about anymore. It’s easy to imagine him and David Jolly barnstorming the country in search of nonexistent votes.

Of course, a more realistic possibility is that Kinzinger will either switch parties or he’ll just end up hosting a show on CNN.

One thing that will not happen will be an Adam Kinzinger presidency.