The Mueller Hearings Were Strange

I love politics and even I was bored out of my mind.

From what I saw of the hearings, Robert Mueller came across as if he was the only person in America who didn’t care about the report.  He often seemed to be confused by the questions and it appears that his main role as special counsel was to delegate to his assistants and sign off on their findings.  There’s nothing wrong with that and it should be remembered that Mueller is 74 years old and was semi-retired when he was appointed special prosecutor.  Still, the Mueller that we saw today was quite the contrast to the dynamic prosecutor that everyone has spent the past two and a half years describing.

I don’t think anyone changed any minds today but I don’t think anyone was expecting any differently.  The members of Congress got to get in their soundbites and they got to show off for the cameras and that was what today was always meant to be about.