My 2020 Resolutions

Happy new year!

My first 2020 resolution is a simple one.  I resolve to write more, complain less, and find some sort of happiness in every day.

Okay, maybe that’s not as simple of a resolution as I thought.  How do you find happiness in every day?  Some days in 2020 just aren’t going to be good.  We all know that.  But, for me, finding happiness doesn’t mean forcing yourself to smile while the world is burning around you.  And it doesn’t mean ignoring anything that could make you angry or sad.  To me, what that means is not allowing the negativity of today’s world to overwhelm you.

Thanks to social media, the nonstop 24-hour news cycle, and many other things, people spent the past decade allowing themselves to become overwhelmed.  As a result, they failed to notice a lot of good things and they’re still failing to notice them today.  Over the past ten years, but particularly since the election of 2016, many people have become consumed with trying to prove that they’re more miserable than their neighbor.  Well, hopefully, 2020 will be the year when people say, “ENOUGH!  Life’s just not that bad!”

My other 2020 resolution is to play every possible ending in Detroit: Become Human.  That resolution might be more difficult than the first.

Regardless, happy 2020!