Predicting New Hampshire

Predicting New Hampshire seems like it should be a lot easier than trying to predict Iowa.  In New Hampshire people just vote and that’s it.  Primaries rule.

The polling has been pretty consistent for the last week so I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to predict that the top five will be, in this order:

  1. Sanders
  2. Buttigieg
  3. Klobuchar
  4. Warren
  5. Biden

Biden at least has a chance to rebound in South Carolina, assuming he can stop saying weird stuff at every campaign stop.  But I think this is pretty much it for Warren.  If she can’t do better than fourth in New Hampshire, it’s hard to imagine her making a Super Tuesday comeback.

This will also probably be the high point for Klobuchar, who, for the most part, is benefiting from Bloomberg skipping New Hampshire.