Labor Day Memories

When I think about Labor Day, I remember the summer that I earned a little extra money for college by working overnight as a stocker in a grocery store.  I was on Aisle 3, zoning up the salsa jars at 2 a.m. on Labor Day morning and I suddenly thought to myself, “What is the point of this holiday if I’m having to work?”

After I finished Aisle 3, I looked around the store and at all of the Labor Day displays.  Most shoppers don’t realize what a pain in the ass it can be to set up a display in a busy grocery store.  It’s usually even more of a pain to take the display down.  For all their hard work, the people who put up the display would not be getting Labor Day off.  Instead, they would probably be the ones who would be forced to come in early to take it all down.  It certainly wouldn’t be the bosses taking down the display.  The bosses would spend the day hiding out in their office, either taking a nap or surfing the web.

Because the fall semester had just started and I needed a regular sleep cycle more than I needed extra money and back pain, that was my last night to work that job.  Still, whenever I think of Labor Day, I think about how everyone gets to celebrate except for the people whom the holiday is supposed to be about.

Fortunately, I’m at a point now where I get to take Labor Day off so that’s what I’m doing for the next two days.  Unless Jeremy Corbyn takes over the UK on Sunday or Mark Sanford announces he’s running for President on Monday, this blog will be back on Tuesday.