Joe Walsh Suspends His Campaign

Joe Walsh, who was a grifter when he was pro-Trump and an ever bigger grifter after he joined the Resistance, has suspended his presidential campaign.

So, at least one good thing has happened as a result of Iowa Caucus.

Mark Sanford’s Running

Mark Sanford, the former Congressman and governor of South Carolina, has made it official.  He’s challenging Trump for the Republican presidential nomination.

As opposed to Joe Walsh, Mark Sanford can at least legitimately claim that he once was viewed as being a potential future president.  When Sanford was first elected governor of South Carolina, he was on everyone’s list as being a future candidate.  Then he got caught sneaking down to Argentina to see his mistress and all of that talk ceased.

The main complaint that I see, among Never Trumpers, about Mark Sanford is that his personal life is just as scandalous and sordid as Trump’s.  It’s not a complaint that makes much sense to me.  If opposing Trump in the Republican primaries means choosing to go with either Mark Sanford’s personal failings or Joe Walsh’s racism, I’ll go with Sanford every time.

Not that it matters.  For now, the GOP is Trump’s party and, as long as he wants it, Trump’s going to be nominated for second term.

Joe Walsh Is Running For President For Some Reason

It’s official.

Joe Walsh is challenging Donald Trump for the Republican Presidential Nomination.  Presumably, he’ll be challenging Trump from the right while Bill Weld challenges Trump from the left.  It’s hard not to be reminded of the 1972 election, in which Nixon was challenged by Pete McCloskey and John Ashbrook while the Democrats split their votes among several different candidates and ended up nominating someone so far to the left that there was no way that he could win.

In 2016, Walsh was so enthusiastic about Trump that he said that he’d pick up “a musket” if Trump wasn’t sworn in as President.  Walsh’s enthusiasm didn’t last long.  As soon as he became a prominent Trump critic, many people in the media forgot about Walsh’s long history of accusing Barack Obama a Kenyan-born Muslim.

When Walsh first ran for office in 1996, he claimed to be a pro-choice moderate who would not vote lockstep with the conservatives in his party.  Walsh didn’t win that election but he ran again in 2010, this time as a full-throated conservative, and he was elected in the Tea Party wave.  He only held onto his seat for one term.  Walsh was pro-Trump when it paid and now he’s anti-Trump when that pays even more.  If Bernie Sanders is ever elected President, Walsh will probably announce that he’s always enjoyed reading Karl Marx.

Walsh is now running and it’s sad to see formerly respectable figures like Bill Kristol tweeting out positive sentiments about the prospect.  Walsh was a grifter before Trump and he’ll continue to be one after.  If nothing else, the Age of Trump has been good for grifters.


Jay Inslee’s Out. Joe Walsh Might Be In.

Up until a few minutes ago, I had totally missed that Jay Inslee ended his presidential campaign yesterday.  Of course, most people missed that he had even started a presidential campaign in the first place so I guess it all evens out.

I’m actually surprised Inslee didn’t last longer.  Inslee’s entire campaign was centered on climate change, which is the sexy issue for rich political activists right now.  Inslee even received the Bill Nye endorsement, which had to have carried some weight with the large number of people who believe that being the science guy is the same thing as being scientist.

On Monday night, Inslee’s campaign was still soliciting donations and trying to qualify for the third debate.  But, on Wednesday, Inslee announced he was withdrawing and instead running for a third term as governor of Washington.  I wonder if Inslee would have still withdrawn if Tom Steyer, who has a similar message and a personal fortune to spend, hadn’t gotten into the race.

With Inslee gone, we are now down to 22 major Democratic candidates.  Meanwhile, over on the Republican side, former Congressman Joe Walsh is talking about challenging Trump in the primaries.  Walsh was previously known for being one of the most corrupt and bigoted members of the U.S. House but he’s figured out that the easiest way to redeem your image in 2019 is to loudly denounce Donald Trump.  Bill Kristol, who really should know better, has even said a positive word or two about Walsh’s potential candidacy.

(Back in the day, Walsh was an even more enthusiastic birther than Trump.)

If he does run, Joe Walsh would actually be the second Joe Walsh to run for President.  The legendary guitarist for The James Gang and the Eagles ran for President in 1980.  His slogan was Free Gas For Everyone.  He didn’t win but his campaign still inspired more good music than John Anderson’s.