We Lost 3.

In the wake of New Hampshire, we’ve lost three Democratic candidates.

Do you know Michael Bennet was still running for president?  What about Deval Patrick?  They’re both out of the race now.

Patrick entered the race too late to make a difference.  Maybe if he had run in 2016, he would have had a better chance but, by the time this year rolled around, most people didn’t remember who he was.

Michael Bennet was the type of candidate who, in the past, would have been treated like a serious contender but who, in 2020, was just too conventional to make much of an impression.  Bennet tried to make his ability to win in a swing state a part of his appeal but is Colorado really a swing state at this point?

Andrew Yang has also dropped out and I’m going to miss him.  He was the last likable candidate in the race but, in retrospect, he was always more of an online phenomenon than a real world contender.  Hopefully, he’ll run for office in New York.  Since New York is going to keep electing Democrats anyway, it would be nice to see them elect one who isn’t a jerk.

Deval Patrick Is Actually Doing It

It’s official.

Deval Patrick is running for President.  While Mike Bloomberg continues to dither around, filing for primaries while claiming that he hasn’t decided whether he’s actually running yet, Patrick has jumped right in.  Personally, I have to admire Patrick’s direct approach.  No Hillary Clinton-style listening tour bullshit.  No Mike Bloomgberg-style begging people to “spontaneously” draft him.  Deval Patrick thinks that he sees an opening and he’s going for it.

Of course, he probably won’t succeed.  Most people in this country don’t have the slightest idea who Deval Patrick is and the fact that he was, until yesterday, an executive at Bain will probably disqualify him in the eyes of many Democrat primary voters.  Former President Obama has reportedly encouraged Patrick to run in the past and there’s been some speculation that he may have encouraged Patrick to jump in this year.  If Obama endorses Patrick, that’ll change things but Obama seems to be pretty intent on sitting out the primaries.

There are currently 6 living Massachusetts governors, including the current one.  With Patrick’s announcement, four of them have run for President.  Mike Dukakis was the Democratic nominee in 1988.  Mitt Romney was the Republican nominee in 2012.  Bill Weld is currently challenging Trump.  All we need now is for Jane Swift and Charlie Baker to jump on in and it’ll be a complete set.  For all the talk about every politician from Texas eventually trying to run for president, they’ve got nothing on Massachusetts.

Deval Patrick For President?

Just in case you thought the U.S. presidential election couldn’t get any stranger, now Deval Patrick is considering getting back into the race.  The former governor of Massachusetts previously announced that he would not be running.

Mike Bloomberg’s late entry (assuming that he actually goes through with it) is understandable.  He’s old, he’s arrogant, and he’s rich.  This might be his last chance to run for president.  It’s less obvious what Deval Patrick has to gain or prove from a last minute presidential campaign but it doesn’t say much about the Biden, Warren, and Sanders campaigns that, even this late in the game, there are Democrats that are still looking for other candidates.  I get the feeling that Democrats have faith that Biden could beat Trump but they don’t necessarily feel that he’s going to get the nomination.  At the same time, Warren and Sanders both seem like they could win the nomination and then go on to lose the general election.

Patrick is usually described as being a moderate.  He’s also “only” 63 years old, which is young compared to the Democratic front runners.  And in a race that has so far been dominated by elderly white people, he would be a black candidate with a more impressive record as an executive than either Kamala Harris or Cory Booker.  On paper, Patrick seems like he would have been a strong candidate if he had entered the race a few months ago.  I get the feeling that it’s probably too late now, though.