Seven Hours!?

On September 4th, CNN is going to be holding one of their town hall events with ten of the candidates currently running for the Democratic presidential nomination.  The topic will be climate change and the event is scheduled to last for SEVEN hours!

This not a debate.  Instead, each candidate will appear on stage for 40 minutes to answer questions about their environmental policy.  As far as I know, none of the major Democratic candidates have come out in support of climate change so how newsworthy we can expect the event to be is open to question.

For those interested:

For me, the most interesting thing about this town hall is the number of candidates who were not invited.  I understand that eligibility was determined by polling but, if this issues is important enough to require sacrificing seven hours of programming on CNN, why not try to get as many Democrats to participate as possible?  If they simply reduced each candidate’s time from 40 to 20 (or even 30) minutes, CNN could probably make room for everyone running.

Personally, on September 4th, I’ll be playing Madden.