Is Andrew Cuomo Running For The Senate?

Is Andrew Cuomo running for the Senate?

Kirsten Gillibrand is apparently telling donors that Cuomo, who still has 9 million dollars in his political war chest, is planning on challenging her in the Democratic primary.

Personally, I doubt Cuomo’s running.  Andrew Cuomo loved being governor and it’s obvious that he would someday want to be governor again.  Cuomo wants to be an executive, not a legislator.  Cuomo is far more likely to try to succeed Hochul than to run for the Senate.  When you’re a Cuomo, even winning any office other than governor of New York is seen as a demotion.

It’s more likely Gillibrand is using Cuomo as a boogeyman to help boost her anemic fundraising.  She is going to get a challenge in the primary and, considering how unpopular she’s been with her own party lately, she should be worried about it.  But that challenge probably won’t come from Cuomo.  Saying that Cuomo’s coming after her will probably help her raise more money than saying that Mondaire Jones is coming after her.

Of course, there are a lot of Republicans who would love to see Lee Zeldin square off against Andrew Cuomo in the Senate race.  That’s probably the only scenario in which New York sends a Republican to the Senate.


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