Here We Go Again

The 2nd impeachment trial of Donald Trump began today in the Senate.  To be honest, the most interesting thing about this trial is just how little anyone outside of the beltway and the media really seems to care.  He’s been out of office for less than a month but Donald Trump is already old news.

What’s interesting is that, by suspending his social media accounts, Silicon Valley probably saved Trump from totally self-destructing.  If Trump were still on twitter, he would currently be tweeting out conspiracy theories in all caps, ranting about fake news and probably claiming that the January 6th riot was actually an Antifa operation.  He would be constantly claiming that the election was stolen and every day, he would drop a hint about running again in 2024.  His continual online presence would be dragging down Republicans and, not looking to repeat what happened in Georgia, many GOP senators would probably be more open to voting to convict.  Trump has always been his own worst enemy and, if he was on twitter right now, he would probably be so unhinged that he would end up getting convicted and barred from ever running again.

Instead, he’s off twitter and he’s no longer able to make himself the number one story.  As a result, the country is moving on.  They’re worrying about whether they’re going to get a stimulus check.  They’re wondering if schools are ever going to reopen.  While various Twitter warriors and other political junkies are still eager to get their fix of Trump hate, most people just want to be able to get on with their lives.  They’re less interested in what Trump did and more concerned with what Biden is going to do.

Unless he somehow gets back on twitter in the next few days, Trump is not going to be convicted and this is all basically a waste of time.  I have a feeling that if the House had impeached Trump immediately after January 6th, it would be a different story.

Still, if Trump is convicted, I think barring him for running again will just make him more powerful.  Trump’s whole act is to say that “the Swamp” is scared of him.  Bar him from running and it will just lead to Trump going from being a defeated incumbent to being the man that the Swamp so fears that they passed a law to keep him out of power.  A convicted Trump’s endorsement will carry even more power with his supporters.  How do you end up with President Donald Trump, Jr?  You start by convicting Donald Trump, Sr.


Author: Jedadiah Leland

Film watcher, music lover, pop culture junkie. And you want to be my latex salesman?

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