Call It The Communist Virus

To be honest, I do kind of wish Trump would stop calling the coronavirus the “Chinese Virus” because that does make it sound like we’re blaming the Chinese people instead of the Chinese government.

I’d call it the Communist Virus.  Or maybe the ChiCom Virus, if you really want to make clear which set of communist overlords we’re blaming.

But, as angry as we have every right to be at the Chinese government, we should always make it clear that we stand with the Chinese people.

Author: Jedadiah Leland

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6 thoughts on “Call It The Communist Virus”

  1. Pathetic and intellectually lazy right-wing balderdash. China is about as communist as Texas, Tennessee, or any other haven for exploitative, “right to work” hyper-capitalism at this point — hell, moreso. If China was communist, a guy like Jack Ma wouldn’t exist. And it’s the capitalists in the Trump administration, on Fox “news,” and on the WSJ editorial board who are pushing the new line of “let’s get the economy up and running again in 15 days no matter what,” and who also left us woefully unprepared by calling it a “hoax” when we should have been getting ready. By your “logic,” we could just as easily call it the “Republican virus,” the “conservative virus,” or the “right wing virus.” Hell, I may start doing just that.


    1. Call it whatever you want. Did I say that Trump was right to call it a hoax? Have I ever defended Fox news? You seem to be suggesting that I have, based on my feeling about China, which seems pretty intellectually lazy on your part. You and I may disagree about China. I think, though, you’ll find that we do agree about Trump and probably , for the most part, Fox News. If you want to call it the “right-wing virus” go ahead. Believe it or not, I won’t come over to your site and call you pathetic.


      1. I only just read some of your blog yesterday so your views on Fox “news” are unknown to me, although as far as Trump goes a quick scan of your recent entries seems to indicate a pattern of lukewarm resignation — you may not like him, but you’ll take him over the likes of Biden or Sanders. That may not be support per se, but it’s also not opposition. Truth be told, though, your attitudes about them aren’t even germane to my point, I invoke Fox and the GOP to point out that calling this virus “communist,” or using the REALLY archaic term of “ChiCom,” makes even less sense than calling it some variation of the “right-wing” virus. The American right wing has been downplaying the virus pretty consistently, first calling it a “hoax,” now pushing to re-open the economy ASAP, while the communists — well, they have no involvement with the thing, since the Chinese government, regardless of how they label themselves, isn’t communist in the least. In point of fact, the way China runs things is akin to what used to be called “laissez-faire” capitalism — no unions, no job security, no environmental regulations, no workplace health and safety standards, no 40-hour weeks, no child labor laws, enforced prison labor, the list of hyper-capitalist depravations is endless. And the profits aren’t collectivized, they go to a small group of billionaires. Nothing remotely communist about any of that. And I do apologize if it seems I called you pathetic personally, I think a close reading if my comment will show I was referring only to your reasoning on this issue, not you personally. We’re cool in my book, I just happen to have a very different view of this issue than you do, and I debate using very precise language and with a fair degree of vigor. I mix it up with my friends all the time.


    2. Also, seeing as how we live in uncertain times, I do want to say that I’ve always enjoyed your reviews and I hope we’ll have more chances to agree or disagree in the future. Take care of yourself, my friend, and I mean that for real.


      1. Of course, I hope everyone will keep writing, although I know there’s a lot of psychological stress on people right now and it can be tough to focus.


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