62% of Iowa is in

At least that’s what Tony Price, the chairman of the Iowa State Party says.  I just watched his press conference and now I’m waiting for the actual results to be announced.  Not surprisingly, Price came across as being annoyed with everything during his press conference.  I would to if I were in his shoes.

This has been a disaster for the Iowa Democratic Party.  (As has been pointed out, the Republican caucus went off without a hitch but, in all fairness to the Democrats, the Republicans only had 3 candidates to keep track of and it’s not like anyone was expecting a sudden surge for either Joe Walsh or Bill Weld.)  Nearly 24 hours later and there’s still questions about not only why the app failed but also who was responsible for building the app in the first place.  It’s a mess and we’ll be hearing conspiracy theories about this for years.

The results are now coming in and right now, Buttigieg has very narrow delegate lead over Sanders, 26.9% vs. 25.1%  Warren has 18% and is just barely over 15%.  Klobuchar has got 12%, so it’s possible that everyone overestimated her Iowa ground plan.

When the results first came in, I thought Buttigieg had won 26.9% of the votes cast but no, that 26.9% means that he’s won the majority of state delegates so far.  Sanders, as of right now, is leading the popular vote but he’s running second in the delegate count.  So, in other words, nobody knows anything and the caucus system is stupid.  Thank you for confirming that, Iowa.

Author: Jedadiah Leland

Film watcher, music lover, pop culture junkie. And you want to be my latex salesman?

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