I’m Going To The UK Next Week. Hopefully, It Won’t Be For The Last Time.

I’m going to be in the UK for a few days next week, visiting family.  I will be there on the 12th when the general election is held and, while it looks like the Tories will remain in control of the government, there’s still a part of me that’s nervous that the polls will be wrong or that the Tories will underperform and we will somehow end up with Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn.

(When you have someone like Corbyn in a position to potentially take power, there’s no way that you can’t be nervous, regardless of what the polls may say.)

If you’re wondering why so many people, including members of my own family, have declared that they will leave the UK if Corbyn ever moves into 10 Downing Street, I would suggest reading the Jewish Labour Movement EHRC report, which details not only the antisemitism that is currently infecting the Labour Party but also Corbyn’s weak response to battling it.  When Corbyn was first became leader, I think a lot of us assumed that he was just an old Marxist who lacked the backbone to stand up to the fringes of his party.  Now, after four years of his leadership, it’s become apparent that Corbyn is as much a part of the fringe as the crazies who post memes about the Rothschilds on Facebook.

I’m looking forward to being in the UK next week.  Hopefully, it won’t be for that last time.


Author: Jedadiah Leland

Film watcher, music lover, pop culture junkie. And you want to be my latex salesman?

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