Seth, We Hardly Knew Ye

Congressman Seth Moulton of Massachusetts is no longer running for president.  Most people probably didn’t know that Moulton was running.  He announced for the Democratic nomination in April but he never registered in any of the polls nor did he manage to make it to any of the debates.  It always seemed strange to me that the equally obscure Tim Ryan managed to get at least 1% in the qualifying polls but Moulton couldn’t get above 0%.  Perhaps it’s because Ryan is a more familiar name than Moulton.

Moulton actually had a good message, which was that the Democrats are heading too far to the left and wasting too much time listening to the twitter outrage mob than to the swing voters who actually decide the election.  Moulton’s correct though it may not matter in 2020, when the election will probably be less about the Democratic nominee and more about Trump.  Still, if a Democrat does win in 2020, they’re going to have to govern.  If anything could lead to another Republican wave election, it would undoubtedly be President Elizabeth Warren or President Bernie Sanders lecturing people on television every night.

Seth Moulton returns to Congress and we are now down to 21 major candidates.

Author: Jedadiah Leland

Film watcher, music lover, pop culture junkie. And you want to be my latex salesman?

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